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The world has gone mad!

September 10, 2014

I don’t post often enough on this blog but today I needed to get something off my chest….

Those of you who follow the goings on in Prestwich closely on Twitter and Facebook will have seen the support rolling in for Cuckoo this afternoon. This is because due to a SINGLE complaint Bury Council have decided to place them under review.

Cuckoo put this message out via Facebook at 2.30pm, Wednesday 10th September:

Dear Prestwich,

We honestly believe that since our opening last July we have had a positive impact on the village. We have contributed to the local economy, created jobs, and have brought positive local and national media attention to the area. We have supported local businesses and events and contributed to local charities and causes.

Unfortunately it only needs one single complaint to prompt a complete review of a venue’s license and sadly this is what we are having to contend with at the moment.

If like us you believe Cuckoo is good for Prestwich and you want to see us remain open then please support us by writing to Bury Council’s Licensing Department.

Bury Licensing Service
3 Knowsley Place Duke Street

Thank you all for your support this far.

Viva Cuckoo. Viva local. Viva Prestwich.

I consider the team at Cuckoo to be friends and more than anything I am saddened that they are having to go through this. These guys love Prestwich and since their opening have done nothing but try to boost the profile of the village. Cuckoo was desperately what we needed and we need more establishments like them too.

For those working tirelessly to keep Prestwich alive, despite the ugly eye sore that is the Longfield Suite, this news today feels like a real kick in the teeth.

Take it from someone who knows, trying to work with the Council to boost the area, is HARD WORK. It often feels like there is red tape and barriers at every turn. I wish they’d just get on side, surely this is too strong a reaction?

Please show your support for Cuckoo by writing to the licensing department as stated above.



From a South Manchester cynic to a proud Prestwichian – Guest Post

April 23, 2014

Some of you may already be aware of local blogger, Molly Whitehead-Jones and her lovely blog, A Place In Prestwich. She emailed me recently with a good idea for a guest blog post and I jumped at the chance to feature her on Prestwich Life. Enjoy and check out Molly’s blog for more

As you might have guessed from the not-so-subtle title of this blog, I was born and raised in South Manchester – Chorlton, to be precise. And I’m ashamed to admit that for years I bought into the myth that any place north of the city centre wasn’t even worth exploring (this despite the fact that I spent the last 10 years of my residency living in Hulme, which, let’s face it, is hardly the loveliest of suburbs…).

But, when it came time for me and my husband to take the plunge and finally buy our first house, South Manchester just didn’t make sense for us. With him working in Bury, we wanted to cut down his daily commute, not add to it. And, even more significantly, any passable houses in the decent areas were predictably way, way out of our price range.

And so, after some gentle encouragement from my other half, we started to take a look at Prestwich. I won’t lie – as my only experience of the area up until that point had been a quickly passed blur on the A56, it took a while for me to warm to it.

But after a few days and evenings exploring every corner of the village, I knew it was a place I’d be happy to call home. Brilliant independent businesses, fantastic community events, and great transport links to the city centre; plenty of beautiful period houses, parks, and streets that feel as safe as you could hope at night. It was immediately clear that people like living here, and they like the other people that live here very much too. Plus anywhere that’s alright with Guy Garvey’s always good with me…

Prestwich Clough

Seven viewings, three offers, five months of endless legal back and forths and one very tense completion day later and we were at last ready to move into our Prestwich pad. Soon, I was raving about the virtues of my new home to everyone I knew; I started my A Place in Prestwich blog shortly after because I wanted to spread the word even further.

I often get emails from people who, just like us, have found themselves priced out of the South Manchester property market. They want to know what it’s actually like living here. And I’m more than happy to tell them. In minute detail.

Independent High Street

But I’m not the only one talking about the glories of our village… There’s the recent Manchester Confidential article, and an especially notable piece in Lancashire Life that highlighted lots of excellent reasons why Prestwich really is on the up.

Almost inevitably, comparison with South Manchester’s most prosperous suburbs are becoming more and more frequent. I don’t blame Prestwichians for being suspicious of the ‘North Manchester Chorlton’ label – I certainly don’t want our village to become overrun with bars, Pilates classes and fussy mummies either… But the envelope-pushing independent shops and restaurants, the eclecticism and the sense of community pride that you’ll find by the bucket load there – well, why wouldn’t we want to aspire to that?

Besides, anyone who wants to dampen the growing prosperity around here is fighting a losing battle. The people of Prestwich are creating the kind of place they want to live for themselves. And we’re a persistent lot.


The Prestwich Big Spring Clean

May 21, 2013

What a fantastic day Sunday 19th May was.

After much planning the Big Spring Clean had finally arrived and with a turn out of 80+ volunteers and at least 68 bags of litter collected, the day can be declared nothing but a success!

Feedback was mainly positive from volunteers and passers-by alike. We learnt stuff but that’s good – we need more equipment, more press coverage and better gloves! We’ll be back soon with all of these.

Organised by Local In Prestwich (LIP) business group with special thanks to Jess and Sam from J’adore the Boutique in the village for taking the lead, Jon Watson for taking the fabulous pictures below, Bury Council and every single volunteer who gave their time. THANKS!

Check out these smiling faces or this video of the day from the lovely @Missus_IP:





Happy Birthday to us!

April 16, 2013

Just a quick note to say that today is the website’s 1st birthday and we are planning a month of retrospective blog posts, special offers and competitions to celebrate!

Personally I’ve had an amazing year running the site, met some great people, experienced a diverse range of events in the hectic Prestwich social calendar and just bascially had a ball.

Thanks for the support over the last year. Life is great in Prestwich!


New business launches in Prestwich – Welcome “A Northern Light”

December 11, 2012

A Northern Light made its debut at the recent Prestwich Food and Craft Fair but has been several months in the making, as the local resident behind it, Claire explains:

“I’ve always loved illustrating and creating things. About twelve months ago, I began to wonder if there was a way of combing my enthusiasm for drawing with my love of interiors and objects for the house. That’s when I hit on the idea of illustrating and making lamps. It took a lot of hard work and research to get to this point but the feedback I got at the recent craft fair made it all worthwhile. Everyone was really positive and encouraging and you get the sense Prestwich is really going places. Hopefully I can be one small part of that.”


Each of the lamps features one of Claire’s own illustrations and they are printed on a parchment paper that gives a lovely glow when lit.


A Northern Light also sells handmade stationery, including Christmas cards and greeting cards and due to the popularity of the Manchester skyline lamp also offers the design as a framed print.

All can be found at the online shop

A little bit of heaven…in Prestwich!

November 14, 2012

When Siobhan from the Beauty Rooms, above the Hair Factory, invited me along to try out her new skincare range and enjoy a facial, she practically had to hold me back!

As Christmas approaches like a hurtling train and work is busy, busy, busy this was too good an offer to refuse. 

Now it has to be said that I like the odd facial and I’ve tried a few over the years. From local salons to big department stores (and hefty price tags!) I’ve had varying experiences but I cannot fault my experience at the Beauty Rooms. For me the sign of a good facial is when you relax so much you can fall asleep. Even embarrassingly start snoring too. (This has only happened once!)

If I hadn’t been concentrating so hard on the facial so I could blog about it, I would have undoubtedly been asleep!

Anyway I’d describe Siobhan as warm, friendly and smiley, instantly making you feel at ease when you arrive.

She gave me my instructions and left the room whilst I hopped on the bed and got myself comfy.

When Siobhan returned she placed a cosy blanket over me and put a detox oil on my hands and then placed them in heated mitts to moisturise them and add to the relaxation. Heaven already, need I say more!

Then the facial began. The new skincare range is 100% natural which I like. Arbonne is a premium brand with a Swiss heritage but all you need to know is it feels great.

Moving from deep cleansing through to exfoliation and bespoke face masks tailored to my skins needs, I felt that with each step Siobhan was slowly and gently bring a glow back to my tired, dull skin.

Not only did the products feel lovely but whilst the masks did their work, I was treated to a shoulder, neck and head massage. Again, just heavenly!

After the facial Siobhan allows you the time to come round slowly and I’m telling you I could have laid there with my heated mitts on all day!

Then when I thought it couldn’t get any better, Siobhan handed me a sample of products to take home and trial for 3 days with no obligation to buy. 

The facial lasted for 1 hour and is priced at £28 or for 1 hour and 20 minutes you get a longer massage including feet and this costs £38.

To compliment this blog Siobhan is offering the facial for either £25 or £35 respectively is booked before the 1st December.

This would be a great present for a loved one so give Siobhan a call to order a voucher and she’ll even gift wrap it for you.

I’m off to book my next appointment now before you all block the phone line! Call Siobhan on 07779711174 now!


Bop Local comes to Prestwich!!

July 20, 2012

Many of you will have read on Twitter my slightly giddy tweets about Bop Local coming to Prestwich on Friday 10th August.

You see I am very lucky to be part of the Life family and so my lovely friends at Didsbury and Chorlton Life have been telling me for a long time how great Bop Local is and how amazing it would be if they came to Prestwich and after a long wait they are finally gracing us with their presence.

Bop Local Prestwich

However I am aware that some of you might not know just what a great concept Bop Local is and the storm they have been kicking up across Manchester over the last couple of years.

So what is Bop Local all about?

Using the slogans “keeping babysitters busy since 2010” and “bringing the dancefloor to your doorstep”, Bop Local starts earlier than a city centre club night but carries on until 1am. Parents can let their hair down and still get back at a decent hour while a younger crowd parties until the early hours. And there is no need to pay for an expensive taxi home at the end of the night.

Bop Local Prestwich

“People living in the suburbs still like good music and going out but they don’t want to be dancing next to someone who is young enough to be their child,” says Tom O’Toole, co-founder of Bop Local and a well-known face on the Manchester music scene.

Combining decades of experience running and playing at clubs in Manchester, including the now defunct Hacienda, the DJs stay away from cheesy music, preferring to play an eclectic mix of indie chic, 70s funk, reggae, soul and classic rave. The clientele can request their favourite tracks and very few songs are off limits.

To date, guests have included the Smiths drummer Mike Joyce, Peter Hook from Joy Division and New Order as well as TV chef Simon Rimmer and former Coronation street actor Graeme Hawley.

Tickets on sale now for just £6 from